I have been researching GPT-3 search engines for some time. Hoping that a free version would appear. I came across Rytr by chance in an article about a GPT-3 search engine. I assumed it was a wordprocessor that worked alongside a GPT-3 search engine to rephrase articles to prevent plagiarism.

Richard Osman has a fictional account of the Thursday Murder club called The Man Who Died Twice. But in 1971 Douglas Wicoff junior was declared the victim of the Majavatn mystery. He was run over by a train. The body was unrecognisable but they knew he was an exceptionally tall man. The body was cremated. The case was solved.

But then in December 1971, he sent a Christmas card to his friends in Norway.

My account of this mystery with the official solution and a suggested possible new direction:

For the Oslo Plaza Woman ‘to date’ I have found 3 dopplegängers. The definition of dopplegänger is quite loose based on ‘looking alike’ — but facial ID software allows a precise scientific definition. It can mean someone who scores 0.5 or above on the MS Azure facial ID scale.


Around midnight on Thursday, the 26th of March, I spoke to the prime minister. He told me that he tested positive for Covid. We discussed the national emergency arrangements for №10, given his isolation and what I would do in №10 the next day. The next morning, I went to…

Note: This version of the incident is based on reading a wide variety of newspaper and TV stories. Any errors are due to faulty information provided by the media or even my own misinterpretation of it.

On the 29th November 2019 twenty eight year old terrorist Usman Khan was paid…

David Morgan

WAS a FREE Tweet/PayPal Payment SCHEDULER . Then developing mobile apps e.g. Zung Test, Accident Book on Google Play & FB. Next Criminology student.

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