Did Tamara Bunke Die in 1967?

Look at the pictures below. The woman on the left is an East German clerk/librarian Gertrud(e) Helke in the 1980s. The woman on the right is Tamara Bunke who was killed in the Bolivian jungle in 1967. Helke matches Bunke at different ages in different photos at different facial angles. Usually to achieve this you need to be that person or their twin. It suggests that Tamara Bunke didn’t die in Bolivia or she had a twin that even her mother didn’t know about.

One plausible explanation is she had a cousin who was her perfect doppleganger because they shared the same father. She did have a cousin who I have found impossible to trace. But then she could be the one who died in 1967. To be Bunke — Helke needs to be 51. Does she look aged 50+?

Text below wikipedia page (translated) is:

More matches:

Of course there are dopplegangers. This woman is an Israeli Bunke doppleganger in Tel Aviv for Yom Kippur in 1960. Unless it was Bunke…

Images to test yourself with free online facial ID:




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