The amazing Isdal Woman average images

A lot of people have negative views — including forensic sketch artists — about matching police sketches to photographs of people who are ‘NOT’ the suspect.

Image shown in link for those of a sensitive nature

Some have a sensitivity that it is wrong to draw a parallel to another person as if that somehow implies they are the criminal or the victim.

I hope these amazing average images of the Isdal Woman sketches might make them change their minds.

I believe these matches to the Isdal Woman sketches may point one day to a two women theory. The woman people saw was not the body.

Alternatively that the forensic sketch artist did not use measurements from the body resulting in a sketch that does not conform to the body.

also — profile average with the same woman.

These are average images of a different woman and the body:

This is a 3 way average — same woman and the Isdal woman sketch and the body:

This is an average of an AI version of the Isdal woman and Denise Vernay. This face gives the best scores across all 2016 IW sketches:

This is an average of an AI version of the Isdal Woman and the 1970 sketch:

Some more recent tests of a woman in a camera club (perhaps in the 80s):

This is an average image of a woman who was a model agency owner in Stavanger Norway in 1970 and the Isdal Woman body:

Average of Claude Monique Ellison (Belison) ‘likely’ wife of cheque fraudster Andre Biro in prison in Sweden around 1966 to 1970. But supposedly they remarried in 1974 in Las Vegas with another criminal as the best man. Assuming it really was her.

Ellison and corpse average

This is an average with a new AI image and Denise Vernay. This makes the image a higher scoring image across all 2016 Isdal woman sketches.

Here is the proof:

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